Sun Boss - Inventing the Patio

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Sun Boss - Inventing the Patio

Postby scowsa » Fri Dec 30, 2011 10:05 pm


"A lovely irony that many of us here in Southern California might have forgotten - the California Dream, the envy of the rest of the nation with our endless run and outdoor living, requires shade.

Sun Boss, purveyor of patio covers since 1947, is a great example of the dream, and the dreamer. What a story! I'd become fascinated with the everyday patios of my childhood - which were the patios of so many SoCal generations - by comparison with the elaborate outdoor rooms featured in so many magazines now, which feature actual rugs, furniture, chandeliers, and kitchen islands.

Sun Boss!

The company has been in the same location near the Santa Ana River in Riverside since John Kain founded it. His is a classic tale of California dreaming."

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