The return of SPACE AGE ASH TRAY!

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The return of SPACE AGE ASH TRAY!

Postby Don-O » Mon Aug 29, 2011 7:02 pm

WARNING! The following is a amateurish "press release" of a book I had just re-edited, re-done and re-published with an attached YouTube trailer.

"SPACE AGE! That umbrella that covered post-WW2 pop culture which gave us elaborate offerings like Martin Denny Records, tiki bars, 8-track tapes, the Las Vegas Strip, disco movies and, most of all, old oddball buildings that looked like they came from Hawaii or outer space (which ever was closest).

SPACE AGE ASH TRAY is a bulk of one fanboy's failure to join in this party. With art, articles, rants and comics, DON FIELDS pays small personal tribute to those days of daring cultural do.

Available on paperback and as a download: ... y/16441268 for the rest of my books (well, both of them)... "

Oh, and here's the trailer:

Thanks for your time and interest,
For further details:

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