Happy Accidents

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Happy Accidents

Postby rglater » Fri Dec 02, 2011 3:57 pm

Fun story. The last two trips to the PO had an MCM twist. At the first visit there was a woman struggling to open a package that was more tape than cardboard, many people offered to help and she declined saying that the process was part of the fun and her sister was a nervous shipper. "Better man than I Gunga Din!" After I mailed my eBay sale (Atomic Ranch Issue 1) she was still there picking out the last of the newspaper and I said "Everyone in line wants to know what was in there.". She had received a Danish Modern hanging planter in excellent condition that her sister had bought for her.

As we yammered on about all things MCM another patron joined us, he's a local part time dealer as is she. They both deal to support their addiction. Business cards exchanged. Happiness.

The second trip I was chatting with the person behind me but was mostly focused on his package pile when he asked if I was Richard Dietzel, finally looking at him, Karl, from a local MCM store, Oak Street Vintage. He had come out to my garage and selected a few items. More happiness.
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