Damage to Casa Escobar? (Wilshire Blvd. in Santa Monica)

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Damage to Casa Escobar? (Wilshire Blvd. in Santa Monica)

Postby nredom » Fri Feb 27, 2009 3:29 pm

Just drove by Casa Escobar, and the arch over the driveway on Wilshire is GONE. Looks like it was removed with a chainsaw. Can a Modocmmer in Santa Monica give us good news...? Like maybe it's being restored and will be replaced or something...?

I believe this building was included on the L.A. Conservancy's Wilshire Blvd. tour a few years ago...

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Postby Lynxwiler » Wed Mar 04, 2009 4:25 pm

That's heartbreaking news. I'll see if I can find out anything.

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Postby Adriene » Sun Mar 08, 2009 1:42 am

Marcello and I were just discussing this. According to the owner, a truck damaged the boomerang arch. Hopefully it will be repaired and replaced soon!

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