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fuller of it

Postby sky » Wed Jul 15, 2009 7:07 pm

They didn't allow photos at this exhibit in the Chicago Museum of Contemporary Art, so all I have to show for it is a brochure. (Unless they extended it again, the exhibit is now over.)

Here are the original images, which are clearer for reading:
http://bigdogwebpages.com/bdfoto/collec ... ky0001.jpg
http://bigdogwebpages.com/bdfoto/collec ... ky0002.jpg
http://bigdogwebpages.com/bdfoto/collec ... ky0003.jpg
http://bigdogwebpages.com/bdfoto/collec ... ky0004.jpg
http://bigdogwebpages.com/bdfoto/collec ... ky0005.jpg
http://bigdogwebpages.com/bdfoto/collec ... ky0006.jpg

And here's a preview with smaller images:


There was a video at the beginning of Fuller talking to a group in San Francisco ... maybe it was a park in the Haight ... nothing really about architecture, but about philosophy and life. What struck me about it was that he really didn't say anything very profound, but the group hung on every word because he is after all, Buckminster Fuller, and was quite a remarkable man.

I was really hoping to see a dymaxion car, but I guess there are none to be had anymore. There were a lot of great models, though, and some sculpture by Isamu Noguchi ... I thing some of the models were by Noguchi too. Some really amazing concepts. My favorite was having a dome over Manhattan that would pay for itself in the energy savings, the cost of snow removal, and so on.

If anyone would like the original brochure, it's yours for the asking. I probably won't keep it for long now that it’s scanned.

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