Beverly Theater, gone

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Beverly Theater, gone

Postby Kim » Wed Oct 12, 2005 10:56 pm

Shocked today to see the hole in the ground where that marvelous dome loomed.

Here are some photos Barry Weiss took of the demo, with the original oriental skin behind the bland facade:

My sweetie can't bear to tell his mother, who won an all-expense paid trip to Japan at a screening there in the 60s, and convinced them to double the prize so her identical twin could go, too. (or vice versa)

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Postby nichols » Thu Oct 13, 2005 10:12 am

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Postby Velas » Thu Oct 13, 2005 10:44 am


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Postby greenbot » Thu Oct 13, 2005 9:45 pm

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Re: Beverly Theater, gone

Postby davidk6 » Sat Oct 15, 2005 1:53 pm

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Postby Lynxwiler » Mon Oct 17, 2005 2:41 pm

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