Graham House by Arthur Ericksen destroyed, Briish Columbia

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Graham House by Arthur Ericksen destroyed, Briish Columbia

Postby modernvintage » Tue Mar 04, 2008 9:50 am

A customer of mine in Vancouver sent me this link to a house in British Columbia which was demolished to build a McMansion.... Make me so sad

Here's Ricks comments;
I think i remember discussing modern homes with you.. recently one of the great Canadian modern homes was demolished so the owner could erect a new stucco monster on the land.. here is what the home looked like in the 60s when it was built

it won all sorts of awards and has graced the covers of several books and magazines. I am not sure what the owner was thinking by tearing it down. I guess it was just too open concept for them.

its a shame when works of art of this sort are destroyed

check out the other homes and buildings on this site.

More comments by Rick;
its very sad..

been a dream of mine to own an Arthur Erickson home.. this was one of the greats.

apparently it was purchased by a billionaire in 1988 for $800k .. it was left to rot on the land and he/his developer deemed it beyond repair, although other experts were not so sure... keep in mind the lot it was built on is pretty desirable.

it was rushed to be torn down before the city made it a historical landmark which would have protected it.

there were protests and the story made it to all the major papers in Canada.. someone even offered to move it to a near by island.

that was not even considered and it was knocked down as soon as they had permission to do so... I guess the super wealthy don't have the same sort of consideration to such thing as those of us that stive for them.

D&JW :(

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Postby scandimod » Tue Mar 11, 2008 6:23 pm


Thanks for highlighting this significant Canadian architectural loss. I also posted an item about the Graham house a few weeks ago. I included some links there; see

Why don't you ask my fellow Vancouverite Rick -- obviously an MCM enthusiast -- to join in on the LL discussions? I could use some company here.

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