Edward Durrell Stone townhouse NYC

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Edward Durrell Stone townhouse NYC

Postby rockland » Mon Feb 23, 2009 10:46 am

Architect: Edward Durrell Stone
Year: 1956

Street: 130 E 64th St
City: NYC
State: NY

..."According to Pike, "Preservation means telling the whole story of the American experience accurately and completely," which might be the single best argument for saving the unfashionable Stone style. The red velvet and white marble interior certainly contained a glamorous version of the American experience, with hostess Stone serving cocktails to the likes of Sophia Loren, Jack and Jackie Kennedy, and Frank Lloyd Wright. It's a roster of figures whose popularity has waxed and waned, perhaps as much as that of the man behind the wild, white concrete grille."

My morning zip across Central Park South these days had me hoping to
catch this beauty with some interior light on. Not many pictures show up
on a google search so i snapped a few anyway...2.23.09

(The concrete breeze-block façade was taken down by his widow, then rebuilt by order of the Landmarks Preservation Commission)

Only a few minutes out of my way, i still get a bit giddy on the approach,
off Park Ave onto 64th.


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Ken Frizzell was the designer for Ed Stone

Postby copocabana » Wed Apr 08, 2009 9:19 pm

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