"Fan Fair Discount City"

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"Fan Fair Discount City"

Postby GoogieHowser » Thu Jun 17, 2010 4:50 pm

Name: "Fan Fair Discount City"
Architect: William Munchow
Year: 1961

Street: 333 Havana St Aurora, CO 80010-4318
City: Aurora
State: CO
Zip: 80010-4318
Country: USA

Type: former retail store
Style: Googie Modern; building is "Hyperbolic Paraboloid dome structure" (whatever that is, its a bunch of domes made of concrete)
Status: abandoned (endangered)

Description: "Built in 1961, Fan Fare was originally a sprawling indoor discount market. Some documents say the original spelling of the building was “Fan Fair,” though city documents in recent years spell it Fan Fare.

After just four years in business — years marked by what was reportedly a massive grand opening and one of the first large-scale shopping centers open on Sundays in metro Denver — the business went under in 1965 and Western Electric moved in, using the building for training purposes.

In the mid-1980s when Western Electric left and since then, the building has been fenced off. Weeds poke up from every crack in the asphalt and the parking lot — which once held up to 1,500 cars — is marked with massive potholes. Some weeds have even managed to grow out the dips in the of the building’s decaying but trademark bulbous roof."

Personal thoughts on the building: I remember this builing being vacant for years and was always struck by the cool-a$$ mural on the front. If they do raze it, I hope there is some way to save that beautiful mural.

http://aurorasentinel.com/articles/2009 ... 208089.prt

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