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A place to catalog, review, and discuss specific Mid Century Modern locations across the world, both past and present.

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******** READ THIS ***BEFORE*** POSTING PLEASE ************

Postby Futura Girl » Mon Jul 10, 2006 10:42 pm

This forum is a place to catalogue our favorite buildings, sites and signs of significance both existing and no longer of this world.

Over the years I have tried to develop an online building database, and although alot of work has gone into the database design, as of yet the final product has not materialized. However after seeing how successful the "Locating Tiki" forum has been on Tiki Central, I thought we would try this concept out here. Although it is not a database, it allows members to "put in their own 2 cents on a location in a structured way."

All I ask is that whomever starts a building thread, please adopt it. This means that you will check off the box that says "Notify me when a reply is posted." And if anyone provides additional information about the location or condition - you will keep the top post updated to reflect any changes in status.

The way that this forum will be successful is with your vigilant adherence to the underlying structure. Please try to keep each thread focussed on a single location. You may discuss other locations as they pertain to the topic, but if it seems a second location becomes the focus of the discussion, consider starting a new thread for THAT building or site.

1) Please put the Location Name AND the City and State in the Subject Line.

2) For every new post, please copy and paste this form for the FIRST POST OF THE THREAD ONLY:



Type: replace this text with the type(s) of item (example: school, office, sign, civic art, restaurant, house, neighborhood, etc.)
Style try to describe the style in 3-4 words or less example Post and beam, art deco
Status: replace with the status (safe for now, landmarked, relatively new, endangered, urgent action, demolished, abandoned, etc.)

Description: replace with your description - with any small tidbits of info you might have from the architect, approximate circa year or just plain old happy memories.... and please include photos if you have them.

Please end with any links to other sites with more information or previous discussion on this or other boards if there have been any.

Questions or suggestions? Post em here:

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