Milwaukee WI two great art shows + architecture

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Milwaukee WI two great art shows + architecture

Postby googieagog » Mon Mar 03, 2008 10:10 am

We visited the Milwaukee Art Museum yesterday for a couple of exhibitions covering a huge swath of 20th Century modernism (and as always, to enjoy the wonderful Saarinen and Calatrava buildings).

Foto: Modernity in Central Europe 1918-1945 is loaded with great photos, collages & graphic design from the Bauhaus, Hungary, Poland etc. It was exciting it see in person many familiar images from the history of modernism. It includes a number of pieces from the famous 1920s Film und Foto show in Germany which put this kind of work on the map. They're also showing short and feature-length films. The show rightly plays up the influence of Central European film & filmmakers on American cinema, inlcuding classic horror films of the '30s. And the show's design is nicely done, giving off a low-key classic modern vibe.

The other show we enjoyed is SENSORY OVERLOAD: Light, Motion Sound and the Optical in Art Since 1945. It features kinetic, electric/electronic and op art, and echoes a similar show held there in the '60s. Highlights are a 1968 infinity room on display for the first time in 15 years, and a 2007 room-size installation of LEDs & fiber optics. Both are shamelessly "groovy," and really entertained the kids. This large exhibition also includes a couple of Bertoia wind sculptures (no fans blowing on them, don't understand that) and several color field paintings of the '50s. Signage does a great job explaining how these types of art evolved & are connected.

Could be my imagination, but it seems they've also hung more 20th Century art in their regular galleries. Since the Calatrava addition opened, it wouldn't surprise me if they're seeing increased traffic from fans of modern.

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Postby dilettante » Mon Mar 03, 2008 11:25 am

Thanks for the great review, Googieagog!

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