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LA, In Search of the Lost Panorama > May 1

Postby nichols » Fri Apr 30, 2010 7:15 am


ix years ago, Ms. Weck and Ms. Mohr happened upon an old, forsaken rotunda building in Wünsdorf, Germany. The two Berlin artists were curious about the history of the building and, in particular, about the fate of the panorama painting it once housed. Ms. Weck and Ms. Mohr traced the history of a painting created by the Soviet Army and entitled “The Battle for the Reichstag,” created in 1976 in celebration of that 1945 event. Research led to the discovery that the painting had been transported to Moscow in 1994 to be reinstalled in the Central Museum of the Great Patriotic War in Moscow. However, this re-installation never took place, and all hints of the painting’s whereabouts had disappeared. Along with its accompanying tri-lingual publication {in German, Russian, and English}, LOST PANORAMA studies the utility of the panoramic art form in remembering and reconstituting the experience of warfare and catastrophe, while illuminating how quickly the recent past forms relics and forgotten places.

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