My overhang/soffit color contimplation

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My overhang/soffit color contimplation

Postby Scott NC » Fri Mar 28, 2014 7:32 am

I realize this may be a silly cosmetic question,
but I want to expose the exterior beams and make more
prominent. The front porch ceiling I would like to brighten up as well.
Or do I expose the roofline flashing to white which is brown right now. Something up top to me needs to be brightened up.

Currently as it's always been for at least 20 yrs it's a fairly dark brown stain/paint to match the house for the most part. The interior has not been touched as seen in the pics. Nor will I touch those. My question is
if it's ridiculous to paint the exterior soffit area white and leave the beams their current color. There are a few pics I included that have the white soffit/overhang but the seem to have carried the white throughout the interior as well. Some have the flashing painted white.


EXAMPLES(I like the look of the last house)

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Postby classic form » Sun Mar 30, 2014 4:13 am

I had the same dilemma in my previous house. In my case There wasn't anywhere that I could see the beams "going through" the walls from inside to out (and visa-versa) so I didn't concern myself with the combination I chose.

If this is the case with yours I say do what you want...white soffit and dark beams, dark and slightly darker beams...etc.

If not then you might consider matching what you have inside the house so you get the flow. Even if that means installing the same T&G that you have on your interior ceiling on the outside and painting the beams the same "shade" as the natural wood tone of the interior beam section (or stripping and staining)

Do you have better/clearer images of the area?

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