Re-purposed fire-pit to!

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Re-purposed fire-pit to!

Postby robbhouston » Tue Apr 29, 2014 7:12 am

Hey all! Long time no post.

Last year, I had a pergola built over our patio. Designed it in SketchUp, got my carpenter friend to build. Came out great, we love it... ... 210011.JPG ... 210006.JPG

There's a thread about it here...

This year, we greened it up with a bunch of potted plants... ... gola/6.jpg ... gola/9.jpg

I think my favorite thing we did was repurposing an old fire-pit into a planter for succulents... ... gola/5.jpg

All the plants and cushions really soften up the space. We love sitting out there with a glass of wine, maybe a cigar... :)

Hope everyone is having a pleasant Spring.

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