Eichler Balboa Highlands Thermador?

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Eichler Balboa Highlands Thermador?

Postby Balboa Hghlnds Buyer » Mon May 26, 2014 4:18 pm

Anyone know what model Thermador electric cooktop and oven were original to the Balboa Highlands Eichler's in Granada Hills, Los Angeles? I have one of the 1964 A. Quincy Jones models. Have found a number of old appliances on craigslist and ebay over the years, but I think they are all earlier models. All stainless. Wasn't there some plastic involved by the mid-60's?

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Postby egads » Tue May 27, 2014 8:45 am

There was never much plastic involved in cooktops because of the heat. For an electric cooktop that would have been limited to push button controls. I don't know if Thermador used buttons. The only plastic I remember from the Thermador dishwasher I had growing up was the center of the knob. The entire interior was stainless. It was very upscale in its day. I have an ashtray, given to my dad (who was a building inspector) made out of the center cut out from a stainless steel Thermador cooktop. It is stamped Norris Thermador with a musketeer image. So even though we think of "stainless" as a current thing, the current stainless is nothing like the thick stuff real upscale appliances from the sixties were made from.

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