4 Dux Chairs & B. L. Marble Desk

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4 Dux Chairs & B. L. Marble Desk

Postby dnroach » Thu Aug 23, 2012 2:23 pm

I was at an estate sale earlier and found 4 Dux chairs, imported from Denmark. They are the same ones pictured here (). These chairs are amazing, but I do not know the value in todays market. Would anyone be interested in them if I bought them?

BUT, the real question I have and am excited about is a desk, made by B. L. Marble Furniture Inc. Bedford. It is a HUGE half circle desk, all Teak, handmade dovetails, it looks amazing! I should have taken a picture of the desk, I only took pictures of the labels.

Label inside drawer
Label under desk

I can't find ANYTHING online about a desk by B. L. Marble, and this desk is incredible. Does anyone have any info on this desk or know what it might be valued at? It is a huge semi-circle desk made from Teak. THANKS!

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