swivel rocker upholstery

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swivel rocker upholstery

Postby dani » Sun Aug 26, 2012 1:01 pm

I acquired this chair from an estate sale for $10. The original fabric is stain free and at first glance looks awesome. BUT it is deteriorating fast. This will be my first piece to be reupholstered. What should be a reasonable cost for doing so? I have a few places to contact, but would like to know what to expect going into this. I am not sure what I want fabric wise... something durable and easy to clean. I think we are going for a darker navy or gray. but any other suggestions? The room it is going in is white and the rug pictured is the one it will be on. Also any thoughts on the maker? I like the lines kind of more pearsall-ish. no tags or markings. I am thinking more 70's ish origin.


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