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Lotta Living House Rules

Postby Futura Girl » Tue Sep 23, 2003 2:08 pm

Please take a moment to look them over these notes we will have a well organized and friendly online playground :-)


Posting to Lotta living is fun and easy! Don't afraid to jump right in! However, take a glance at the House Rules before you do. They're all standard online forum rules based on common-sense.

Get to know the structure of your forums. The Main Discussion Forum gets filled up quickly and someone might miss your Event or eBay auction, etc. if it is posted in there. Posts not posted in the right forum will be moved to the correct forum by the moderators. If you're not sure about these rules, or if you're crossing a line with a post, post a question here in the Announcement forum.


Search Before Posting
    Then add to the bottom of that discussion - DO NOT start a new one.
    HINT: there are more pages to this forum then what first shows up. By using the Search Feature - you might find others with the same questions or others who have answered your questions in a previous post. This helps to keeps the information all in one thread as opposed to being spread out over multiple posts.

    The Search link is towards the top left part of the page under where it says "Your Ultra Style Guide for Modern Living: Open 24/7". And here is the direct link to the search page as well...

    If your topic is moving down the page and you don't want it to go away, DO NOT re-post it as a new topic. "BUMP" it. This means you add a reply to a previously existing topic with some new interesting information. If you don't have anything new to say, but you feel it is still vital to keep it towards the top of the page - the use the word "bump" in your post.

    Searching FIRST is important is because it helps to keep the discussion from being fractured...
    For instance let's say we have a thread going on Norm's Restaurant - a good thread with lots of important information... then someone starts a new separate post about the Norm's sign. If someone wants to find everything out about Norm's - they're going to have to search for BOTH threads - and they might miss one of them.
Post in the Right Forum:
    ModCom Preservation Discussion forum is for architect/architecture-specific talk.
    There are different forums for different types of discussion - please review this page for the most recent explanation of the individual forums.
    Some SPECIFIC Forums require a few special guidelines:
      Events Make sure you begin with the City and State first and end with an actual date in the subject line.
      Marketplace Make sure you specify the correct 'code' at the beginning of your subject line. See the announcement in this forum for specific codes.
      Real Estate Make sure you begin with the City and State in the subject line
Use a Valid Email Accounts:
    Your account must be linked to a valid email address. If a moderator needs to get a hold of you, we will try your registered email address. If the email address is invalid we may temporarily disable your account until you can email us a new one.
Spamming is not allowed
    Posting the same message in more than one forum is not allowed. The post in the most appropriate forum will stay. Others will be removed.
    Posting unwanted advertising (such as 'get rich quick' schemes) in the forums is strictly prohibited and will not be tolerated.
    In the event that spamming does appear - please do not respond to it. A moderator will delete it as quickly as possible.
    Off Topic Discussion
      If there is ever something you want to share with the group, but wonder if it's appropriate or not, just put the uppercase letters OT in front of your message subject. This is short for OFF TOPIC.
    (OT) posts by regular user are encouraged. These are posts that are not strictly Modern, but you think people would enjoy. So if you have something Off Topic to share, figure out what the most appropriate forum would be, add an "OT" in the Subject line and then share away...
Posts Must be Legible and Polite:
    No extraneous characters before or after the subject. Things like (!!!!!!!!!Look at my ebay auction!!!!!!!!!!) are not needed.
    Avoid ALL CAPS writing entire subject lines and messages using all-capital letters. It makes your posts harder to read.
    Be polite. This is a friendly forum insults and name-calling are not allowed. Take that elsewhere please.
    No ad hominum commentary is allowed. This means if you disagree with someone - disagree with their position - not attack the person making it. This is discussed further here.
    No political or religious talk allowed. This is an entertainment forum and not the place for confrontational subject matter.
    Please play nice - as in, use common sense around here, folks.
    Flames are not allowed.
    Unfriendly behavior will not be tolerated.
    Treat others with respect.
    Refrain from all confrontation. Remember what your mother and SDR told you... "If you can't say something nice, don't say anything at all."
    Try to stay positive in your critiques and comments (it's ok to disagree, but be gentlemen and ladies about it).
    Think of it like your neighborhood bar... You never know who is sitting right next to you and might overhear that last comment you made. People sometimes forget their manners on cyberspace. If you would not say something directly to your neighbor's face, then please don't type it.
    And on that note, the bartenders here reserve the right to refuse service to anyone not playing by the rules.
    If someone posts something that you have an issue with - the public board is NOT the place to discuss it. Please try to work it out through private messages or alerting your moderators.

The moderators of this forum reserve the right to change these House rules at any time in order to better serve the community. By following these rules as best as we can, it will help us have a better functioning online community.

~last updated on 6-13-06

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