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petition the board with flair

Postby sky » Thu Jan 14, 2010 4:40 pm

Once I signed a petition that was posted on Lotta Living and I remember being annoyed by the petition site – either because of advertising or pop-ups or something – don't remember exactly because it was several months ago.

Anyway, I had nothing to do this week, so I decided to write my own simplified petition site. It's free, and your'e all welcome to use it. It's not fancy, but here's the reason you might want to use it – because if there's a feature you want to add to it, I'll be glad to do that for you (within reason).

Here's the start page:

A petition can be "inactive," "active listed" (meaning it is in the selector on the front page), or "active not listed" (meaning you have to enter an access code to retrieve the petition). You can also use an access code in the url, (whether listed or not listed) so that you can publish a direct link to your petition, for example: ... hp?code=fc

Petitions can have HTML in them, but petition owners have to ask me for permission to enable HTML for them. (Or alternatively, I'd be glad to edit your petition for you in HTML.)

The "owner update" link on the main page takes you to a page where you can create a new owner account or sign on to your old owner account. Once you sign on, you will have a selector with all your own petitions.

Note that petitions are signed in ink. (Once there is a signature on a petition, the petition cannot be changed. Once you sign and verify a signature, it cannot be changed or removed – well, I can remove it if it is inappropriate, and I'll code something later to let an owner administrate signatures.)

The controls for signature views are, I think, unique - I didn't see them on other sites I sampled. But I'm a database guy, and that's the way I would want to be able to view my petitions.

The print function prints just the petition and the signatures under it – it looks like you're doing a screen print, but I've eliminated most of the screen with a print style sheet. If you do search or selective signatures on the page view, that is what will print.

As always, bug reports and suggestions are welcome. There is one easter egg built in – see if you can find it.

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