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Postby scottkaycee » Mon Apr 30, 2007 12:11 pm

At times like this it seems as if only those complaining speak up, or offer words of attack. I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for all you have done over the years and express support to you for what you feel you had to do. As a libertarian I completely understand the difference between private and public, and only a government can censor( And it should not). This is not a government entity or a public square, we are all your guests and as such are subject to your rules. Try the censorship argument in someone's living room when saying something objectionable and they will show you the door. It is akin to a newspaper's editorial board having the right to present their voice in their publication. So know you have atleast this members support.
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Postby rockland » Tue May 22, 2007 7:09 pm

i knew something was up with that thread. new at posting. joined just to figure out the photo thing, etc. taking time off and fussing with a new mac. and enjoying a new home.
my interest is keeping things safe, proper ventilation around children and ourselves, and i've seen some crazy DIY attempts.
i've learned from mistakes. like to pass it on.
i have potty mouth more than most, and way too many opinions.
i'm very capable of getting sucked into a rant...
i think they should just vanish. if they are left to fester, it creates a whole different twist to what the designers of this site wish to achieve.
leaving it to fizzle out? not sure.
i don't like karim rashad(sp?) put on a throne by DWELL, and not crazy about the avitar, lotta living 'girls gone wild' thing. and the movie thing by the same. but i just pass it by and let those interested enjoy.
just pinch myself every day that i have a new home that i am passionate about, and can't really afford. and watching others trying do do the same thing.
thanks to this site, and SDR and connie, i just read roland reisley's USONIA book today, cover to cover. just wonderful...

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