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Eichler / MCM Photo Remodel Gallery - Updated

Postby MarinModern » Tue Dec 31, 2013 8:42 am

Happy New Year everyone!

I wanted to let folks know that we recently did a major makeover to the remodel & ideas directory that we previously had on our Eichler homes website (and yes, this time the photos are HUGE which is something that many folks requested in the past - thanks for your suggestions).

Be forewarned that the photo gallery was designed to be inclusive so some of the updates may not appeal to the MCM purists however there is definitely something for everyone.

You can see the gallery (just be sure to click on the photos to enlarge) here:

Check out http://www.MarinModern.com and http://www.eichlerforsale.com for great MCM homes in the San Francisco Bay Area!

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