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Independence Hall

Walter Knott's deep love of country and home drove him to build the country's only brick-by-brick replica of Independence Hall. It is complete with an exact replica of the Liberty Bell. The hall is offered as a free-admission educational resources to visitors and Orange County residents.

Independence Hall opened in 1966. It is an authentic 3/4 scale, replica of the original Independence Hall in Philadelphia, complete with a 2,075-pound Liberty Bell, weighing only five pounds less than the original. Listen to a re-enactment of a debate over the Declaration of Independence or examine other historical displays. It received a complete restoration in 1998.

The land across Beach Boulevard from Knott's Berry Farm and next door to Independence Hall used to have wide green lawns, a small lake and a train ride. This attraction was replaced in the 1980s to make way for more parking and for a corporate/large group party area.

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