Drones Over Homes -- Promise or Peril?

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Drones Over Homes -- Promise or Peril?

Postby EichlerNetwork » Fri May 15, 2015 10:12 am

CA-Modern magazine of the Eichler Network wants to know: Are you an avid drone pilot who enjoys the latest plaything -- one of the adventurous aerial explorers who enjoys keeping their feet on the ground?

Or are you someone who lives in a neighborhood of Eichler homes, or other California mid-century modern homes with immense frontages of glass, who is concerned that with drones buzzing your backyard and staring in your windows you might soon be living in a fish bowl?

Like it or not, privately owned, remote controlled flying and viewing machines are here to stay -- and are growing cheaper and more popular every day.

CA-Modern magazine is exploring this topic, the benefits, the threats, for an upcoming story about drones and modern neighborhoods. If you have experience, concerns, or other thoughts on the topic -- give us a ping.

If interested, contact Features Editor Dave Weinstein before June 10, 2015 -- at davidsweinstein AT yahoo.com

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