Info on our Santa Rosa Richler style home?

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Info on our Santa Rosa Richler style home?

Postby Trendsurfer » Tue Mar 14, 2017 9:15 am

I'm trying to find any info I can about our Eichler style home, built in 1957. We are part of a 3 block tract of similar homes. Our neighbor has literature that came with the house from a modular home development firm called Robert R. Platt, but the literature is actually for a tract in Concord called Oakmead. Interestingly, that also came with original literature for Eichler radiant heating, which makes me wonder if the firm that designed our homes collaborated with Eichler somehow. I can find nothing online about our Architect (note he is NOT San Diego's Robert J. Platt), or even anything on Concord's Oakmead. Any info would be much appreciated. Thanks.

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